369 /

/ In 2018 the global population saw the death of 369 transgender people murdered for simply being transgender. 28 of these deaths were of people from the ages of 16-18. Beheaded, stoned, set ablaze, tortured, stabbed, and suffocated these lives were seen as disposable by a large amount of their population. This number is a rough estimate and sadly staggeringly low in comparison to what it would be given the victims were gendered correctly, and/or their bodies weren’t being disposed of as trash and left in the blind eye of law enforcement.

I caught 369 of my tears individually into micro centrifuge tubes, which were originally designed to used for the preservation of an organism. I wish to extend this preservation beyond the physical and into the spiritual by trying to memorialize their lives and demonstrate how just like tears they are not left to be disposable and furthermore worthy of celebration. 631 empty tubes are left in a heap on the floor to illustrate the lives of those un-named. 

photos courtesy of Magdalena Hutter