Transmigrational wanderings
Towards Genetic departure,
unify yet diversify,
make and unmake,

Muddle and tangle

Biopolymers make up the structural world around us, yet they all come from a fractional divergence in genetic material. These fractional differences are what tell soft fruit from tooth, flesh from bark, hyphae from hair. Having Perfectly adapted to their environment through eons of divergence from one another, organisms present us an infinite matrix of possibilities ranging from blood type to gender expression. The rich materiality of this place is only possible because of genetics and biodiversity. To think that we are the descendants of the same ancestor marking back 4.5 billion years, makes me acutely aware of the power and strength within diversity, and how this bond we share marks something that transcends past gender, race, species, flesh and form.

This lush and expansive sensuality, allows for genetic material to be swapped, spit and stirred together into an infinite number of combinations.

tank of cellulose, this culture has been genetically modified to grow clear.

life cast of my breasts in agarose bioplastic floating in a tank of saline in collaboration with a miniature lobster. I’m using my breasts to call upon the notations of fertility as indicated by society. As a trans body I am seen as not as valuable reproductively and therefore have less value as a mammal. By engaging with this connotation, we can begin questioning our perception of fertility under the premise of queer/trans based kinships and ideologies. Many indigenous people around the world have called the ocean “the womb” of mother earth.

microscopy pornography

sound piece in collaboration with Hakeem Lapointe. The space will allow the viewer to bathe in the laping sonics of ancient and primordial mating calls spanning from birds to whales, tectonic plates to buzzing cicadas all marinating in the dampened song of silence, reverberating through the fleshy innards of eons gone by. I found sound to be very important for the piece in order to give it a heartbeat, and to illustrate the rhythmic and gyrating behaviour of sensuality.

presented at ART POP montreal

computation by Alex Bachmayer

photo credit to Alex Bachmayer