Phalaenop(c)is /

a bathing ritual performed by Lyra (Phalaeonpsis orchid) and myself in an effort to heal ourselves
and develop symbiont methods of communication and care, that move beyond the tactile nessecities of food and water, and into the emotional symbiosis between other kin.

Through recovering from my trauma, I developed a deep connection to lyra. They were given as a sign of respect for the challenges I went through in an abusive relationship, and to mark the journey towards recovery. As I continued my transition I found myself developing a sisterhood with the plant…almost a romantic affection for them (Lyra, orchid). One night I decided to bring Lyra into the bath with me as a way to care for both of our bodies. It has become a twice weekly ritual of affection and connection with her. She is helping me heal as I am helping her grow. A magnification of the queer body, the earth and a demonstration of a
utopian symbiosis between (wo)man and plant.

Sponsored by @polymorphelatex
Performed at @ripa.performance
Photo by @alignements